Tuesday 24 November 2020
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This chip converts wasted heat into electricity

The method, described in Nature Nanotechnology, uses a silicon chip called 'device' that converts more thermal radiation into electricity

पर्यावरण पर राजनीति नहीं, संवेदनशीलता चाहिए

पर्यावरण का संरक्षण न ही किसी सम्प्रदाय से जुड़ा है, और न ही किसी दकियानूसी विचारधारा से। इसका संबंध सीधे तौर पर हम इंसानों...

What’s the Point?

Verse 1 The numerous trees overlooked the road, Watching the multitudes pass by. “Save trees, save trees!” chanted the crowd — Placards and slogans filling the sky. “What’s the...

Faster metabolism enabled humans to develop larger brains

Loyola University Chicago: Researchers are among the co-authors of a groundbreaking study that found humans have a higher metabolism rate than closely related primates,...

Voodoo Science

Yogi Adityanath hilariously blames Chinese activity of deforestation in Tibet for the earthquake in Nepal The comment of the Member of Parliament from Gorakhpur, representing...

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