Tuesday 24 November 2020
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Trump demands more fairness from WTO

Washington: The era of economic surrender for the United States is over, it's over, Trump said at a White House Made in America event, as...

US will agree to fair deal, or none at all: Trump on NAFTA

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said he would agree to a fair deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is currently being renegotiated with Canada and Mexico, or...

Trump signs order on steel, aluminium tariffs

Washington: US President Donald Trump today signed two proclamations that impose 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% on aluminium, a move that is likely...

Trump calls for new NAFTA agreement to lift proposed tariffs

Washington: US President Donald Trump today said he is willing to consider lifting his proposed tariffs on the import of steel and aluminium if there...

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