Friday 24 September 2021
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Chandrababu Naidu, son N Lokesh under house arrest

Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that the Andhra Pradesh police had put several TDP leaders under house arrest in view of the party's call for the 'Chalo Atmakur' rally

Before appealing for civility in public discourse, Modi had turned 10 abuses into advantages

Referring to the "spirit of new India", Modi said a culture in which aspiration became a bad word was perpetrated for many years. Doors opened depending on one's surname or contacts

Andhra Pradesh fallen ‘from frying pan into fire’: Ram Madhav

TDP is the past, YSRC the present and BJP the future of Andhra Pradesh. BJP will emerge as the largest party in the State by 2024: Ram Madhav

Every Opposition Party Facing Coup Cause For Concern

There is a need for strong opposition to keep the ruling elite in order, conforming to the written constitutional code