Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Tag: Mumbai

Vaze may have planned to kill 2 to pin blame on them

The NIA has made four arrests in the Antilia case, including that of Vaze, suspended constable Shinde, bookie Gaur and Vaze’s colleague Riyaz

Sachin Vaze says Pradeep Sharma procured gelatin sticks

Sachin Vaze in his confession has claimed that Pradeep Sharma was the person who had helped him get the gelatin sticks and that Sharma had taken the help of one of his aides

Migrant workers in Delhi, Mumbai head home again

Several migrant workers in Delhi and Mumbai were seen heading to their home states amid fear of another lockdown, as Covid cases witness a steep rise in the country

Sachin Vaze blames top Maharashtra ministers for extortion

On 25 March, Sachin Vaze requested the court to allow him to say something in connection with the case. The court asked him to put his submission in writing
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