Wednesday 2 December 2020
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Muslim Women Act Proves Modi Can If He Wants To

The passing of the Muslim Women Bill in the Rajya Sabha, which has established BJP's floor management prowess, must wake Hindus and the middle class up to pressure PM Narendra Modi to legislate what they have been demanding for ages

Modi Raj: Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

Are there any jobs or opportunities for bhakts? Doesn’t look like it. They will chant ‘Modi-Modi’ and swear. They don’t want anything in return!

Budget 2019-20: Modi-Care For All Without Draining Treasury

Since it's the middle class that is on the forefront of commenting on the handling of the overall economy by the government, this editorial...

Modi govt woos salaried middle class, doubles tax-free gratuity limit

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government has increased the gratuity limit from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh following the passage of a Bill to...

Pro-middle class, pro-trader bills passed amid din in Parl

New Delhi: Relentless protests by opposition and other parties again disrupted proceedings in the Lok Sabha today but the government managed to get two...

Will Budget 2018 Pay Off?

The gambit will pay off in 2019, provided those benefited by this Budget stay grateful for another year and three months, and the middle...

Economic Survey: Are We Underrating Modi?

Amid otherwise promising data released by the Economic Survey, the farmer is unhappy and so may be the poor; the survey may not say the middle class is not excited either, but Narendra Modi-Arun Jaitley’s incremental approach to reforms does not let citizens feel the difference

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