Saturday 23 October 2021
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Tag: Marvel

Muslim Actor Mocking Hindus Ends Up Committing Shirk

The issue of Malayali actor 'worshipping' Tony Stark's gauntlet instead of Bhagwan Vamana's Sri Thrikkaakara Appan needs to be looked at on two very different levels, for interpretations are completely different on the two levels and don't even cancel out each other

अजय देवगन, रोहित शेट्टी का मार्वल के अवेंजर्स की तर्ज़ पर ‘यूनिवर्स’

अजय देवगन को यकीन है कि यदि सिंग्हम, सिम्बा, सूर्यवंशी आदि के मुख्य किरदार सशक्त बन जाएं तो दर्शक श्रृंखला में आने वाली कड़ी का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार करेंगे

Givenchy: Who wears it better — Pad Man or Iron Man?

The most famous ambassador of brand Givenchy was Audrey Hepburn in films such as Sabrina, How to Steal a Million and Breakfast at Tiffany's

Avengers Endgame: Here’s how you avoid spoilers

When the story is so interesting, it's coming in the way of relationships, you must not know the climax until you see it

Avengers: Infinity War registers year’s biggest opening

Mumbai: Marvel Studio's latest offering Avengers: Infinity War has become 2018's highest earner in India till date...