Sunday 16 January 2022
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Tag: Maneka Gandhi

Politicians, lawyers, journalists question Hyderabad ‘encounter’

While journalists condemned the encounter killing, some politicians exercised caution to avoid antagonising people who were cheering the cops

10 high-profile fights in Lok Sabha election today

Voting has started for 59 Lok Sabha seats in seven States. These include 14 of UP, 10 of Haryana, eight each of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, four of Jharkhand and all the seven seats in Delhi

Yogi does a Mask: Somebody, stop me

People can see Yogi Adityanath worshipping Lord Hanuman. This, one may contend, is a way to influence voters, circumventing the EC ban.

Maneka Gandhi, Azam Khan debarred from election campaign

The Election Commission has banned Maneka Gandhi from the polling campaign for 48 hours while Ajam Khan has been banned for 72 hours

Maneka Gandhi does it again: ‘If I get less than 50% votes…’

Maneka Gandhi said she would prioritise villages on the basis of percentage of votes in her favour when it comes to working for Sultanpur

‘Vote me for jobs’ isn’t exactly what Maneka Gandhi told Muslims in Sultanpur

What were the words of Union minister Maneka Gandhi after she said, “I am winning; I am winning with the help and love of the people"?

BJP denies ticket to Murli Manohar Joshi, Maneka-Varun seats swapped; Jaya Prada to fight Azam Khan

While LK Advani had reportedly told the BJP leadership not to consider him for elections any more, a slip of paper went viral on social media this afternoon that claimed the party had asked MM Joshi to not ask for the ticket for Kanpur or any other seat