Wednesday 23 June 2021
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Tag: Madhya Pradesh

Minor Hindu girl gang-raped after failed conversion bid

The minor girl is a native of Madhya Pradesh who went to Malegaon to work when a 23-year-old groomer Majid Khan, posing as Mohit, waylaid her

Ujjain Panchakoshi Yatra: Dharma As Saviour In Covid Times

How Dharma is sustained; how Dharma, in turn, sustains society that makes effort to sustain it; this is what धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः implies

Indore: Kushabhau Thakre’s nephews die of Covid, 1 without CT scan

Even as the MP government has been insistent that all Covid-19 hospitals must have CT-scan facilities, this Indore hospital did not have it
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