Thursday 20 January 2022
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Tag: Rama

Kolkata resurrects CPM, Trinamool win is hardly news

People of the state are deserting the BJP for the sheer cowardice the north Indian party has been displaying since 2019 and are now reposing their faith in 'local' communists

Ram Mandir to Ram Rajya: New RSS project

The RSS wishes to establish a way of social life and polity that follows the principles of Ram Rajya within the constitutional framework according to a report

Bhagwat: Trying to emulate Rama more important than chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’

Bhagwat said that the way society should have moved forward after Independence did not happen but if it were to leave aside ego and make sensibility and compassion the basis, one can attain development faster

AIIMS student group offers ‘apology’ for derogatory Ramleela

The AIIMS students' skit tried to give a modern spin to some characters of the Ramayana with a comic flavour, betraying little or no knowledge of the original stories