Friday 22 January 2021
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Tag: Lok Sabha

Parliament At Work, Thanks To Discipline & Floor Management

Suspensions should have been the norm since broadcasting proceedings of the parliament began, creating a notion in a section of almost all parties that this was an arena to score brownie points

Opposition Has Lost Parliament, Hence Hitting Streets

But this ploy is not going to work, hit with the reality of a resurgent and assertive Hindu population that is refusing to be abused anymore

‘Rape in India’ remark by Rahul infuriates BJP

Union minister Pralhad Joshi said, 'When Rahul Gandhi openly says 'rape in India', is he inviting the world to come to India and rape?'

Rahul Gandhi’s absence exposes funny AI of cameras in LS

When Congress MP K Suresh spoke from the seat designated to Rahul Gandhi, the Lok Sabha LED screen flashed a misrepresentative caption

Kapil Mishra withdraws plea against disqualification as MLA

In his petition, Kapil Mishra had said when he attended the BJP event, the speaker assumed he had voluntarily given up his AAP membership

Jaitley: Indespensable, man for all seasons in BJP

Jaitley was the bridge that the BJP used to win over new allies, and also its warm, affable and persuasive face to bring opposition parties around on key issues