Tuesday 24 November 2020
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India rejects China’s claim on Galwan Valley

India also dismissed Chinese claims that its soldiers violated the LAC in May and alleged that it was the Chinese side that has been attempting to transgress the LAC

लद्दाख बनाम डोकलाम — लड़ाई होना, न होना शी के हाथ में

डोकलाम व लद्दाख दोनों के पीछे जनरल झाओ ज़ोंग्की का हाथ हो सकता है पर वापस हटना है या गुंडागर्दी करना ये निर्णय उनके स्तर पर नहीं लिया जा सकता

Army, Navy, IAF given free hand to combat China

The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force have been told to be “prepared for the worst” and placed on the highest level of alert, sources said

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