Monday 25 October 2021
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Bihar Deaths: Misreporting Aggravates Failed State

A study of hypoglycaemic encephalopathy, which is actually the disease that killed children in Bihar, will lead one to the root cause of malnutrition, a condition for which the state is responsible

AES in Bihar an epidemic? Experts agree; govt, media don’t

The advantage of declaring an outbreak to have acquired the proportions of an is the heightened and coordinated fight against the disease it entails

Human skeletal remains recovered from Muzaffarpur hospital where most children died of AES

On discovering the skeletal remains in the SKMCH premises, Medical Superintendent of the hospital SK Shahi said the HoD alone could give a statement on this  

Sirf News impact: Rudy wants govt to probe linking of Bihar child deaths to litchi

Rudy: This is a conspiracy to damage the brand name of litchi. We are eating litchis since our childhood but we did not suffer from AES.  

Litchi did not kill children, Bihar govt’s incompetence did

The Bihar administration has been so callous this time that even the critical measures that the State had taken 5 years ago during another outbreak of AES were not repeated; this is over and above the fact that litchi is not harming well-fed children; that malnourishment is a burning issue in Bihar is a failure of its government too