Monday 30 November 2020
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Sanjiv Bhatt: A Dubious Cop Retires In Jail

The presence of rogue cops like Sanjiv Bhatt in the system, who either do a government's bidding or become a law unto themselves, calls for police reforms

Sanjiv Bhatt, controversial IPS officer, now a lifer

Sanjiv Bhatt was posted as additional superintendent of police in Jamnagar, Gujarat when a person died in custody  

Terror attack in Ayodhya warrants capital punishment

The crime of convicts in 2005 Ayodhya attack is as grave as Afzal Guru's; if terror convicts are wriggling out of a legal loophole, plug it

Jyotirmoy Dey murder: Chhota Rajan, 8 others are now lifers

Mumbai: Nearly seven years after crime investigation reporter Jyotirmoy Dey was shot dead here, a special court today awarded life imprisonment to all the...

Another forgiver surprised by TV outrage over Sabrina Lall’s letter

New Delhi: Indian National Congress leader Lalit Maken and his wife Geetanjali (former president Shankar Dayal Sharma’s daughter) were shot dead on 31 July...

आसाराम की सज़ा हिन्दुओं के लिए सीख

एक नाबालिग के साथ दुष्कर्म करने के अपराध में ‘आसाराम बापू’ उर्फ़ आसुमल थाउमल हरपलानी को जोधपुर अनुसूचित जाति व अनुसूचित उपजाति न्यायलय ने...

आसाराम को उम्रकैद, बाकी को 20-20 साल की सजा

जोधपुर— देश के बहुचर्चित यौन उत्पीड़न मामलों में से एक इस मामले के दोषी आसाराम को ट्रायल कोर्ट जोधपुर की विशेष अदालत ने सेंट्रल...

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