Saturday 5 December 2020
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Delhi Minorities Commission head threatens India of Islamic ‘avalanche’

While Muslim scribes dealt a blow to the 'secular' faith some Muslims can be moderate by citing the Delhi Minorities Commission head's act, Islamic websites did not even bother to delete comments that contained expletives for Hindus

Yogi assures migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh of safety in Gulf

Lucknow: According to the ministry of external affairs, UP had accounted for the maximum blue-collar migrant workers in the Gulf at 86,273 in 2018, followed...

Intellectual Property Rights And Wrongs

The beauty of a free market lies not in its morality but in the fact that it provides an equal opportunity to all, sellers...

जारी है शनि और मंगल का प्रभाव

7 मार्च से शनि और मंगल की युक्ति भारत और पूरे विश्व के लिए अशुभ होगी। यह स्थिति 2 मई तक रहेगी। भारत के आठवें...

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