Tuesday 21 September 2021
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Kapil Mishra launches campaign seeking justice for Pandita killed by Islamists

Kapil Mishra has been uploading pictures contributed by people in India and Indians from across the globe who can be seen holding placards and posters that read 'Justice for Ajay Pandita,, 'Stop Killing Kashmiri Pandits' and more

30 साल से ज़िन्दगी तलाशते कश्मीरी हिन्दू

मस्जिदों से हिन्दुओ के सफाए के पैगाम आए; एक के बाद एक दिल दहलाने वाली खबर आई; जुमे की नमाज़ के बाद सड़को पर जो भी हिन्दू दिखा, काट दिया गया

Pandits’ Return Will Be Real Normalcy In Kashmir

The opposition and media would have the world believe that not persecuted Pandits getting their home and hearth back but terrorists conveniently using internet, bombs and bullets would qualify as normalcy in the Valley