Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Tag: ISI

Terrorists who attacked Afghan gurudwara wanted to target Indian mission

The security cover of the Indian facilities is so strong that the terrorists settled for a religious site of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus

Ayodhya Ram temple faces renewed terror threat

HM Shah's commitment to complete the work in Ayodhya in four months had riled JeM; when PM Modi announced the trust, the ISI could not take it

Pakistan-sponsored terrorists now sneaking into India are Afghan, Pashtun

A meeting attended by heads of Pakistan Army, ISI and terror outfits was held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan where the plot was hatched

Pakistani plan behind stealthy release of Masood Azhar

Pakistani ISI wants to get over the embarrassment of being stunned by India's virtual revocation of Article 370, of which it had no prior clue

Pakistan ISI used Facebook likes and comments to honey-trap a BSF jawan

Lucknow: Simple likes and comments on social media posts from unknown users can be an ISI trap for the armed force personnel as well as...