Tuesday 27 October 2020
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Charlie Hebdo: या तो अपमान करें और सहें भी, या गूंगे हो जाएँ

'नास्तिक भी कह सकते हैं कि आस्तिकों को पूजा-पाठ करता देख, नमाज़ पढ़ता देख, प्रेयर करता देख वह अपमानित महसूस करते हैं'

Propaganda Succeeds

If India's contrarians were not renegades, if their works were research-backed for the sake of credibility — if not for the sake of the nation,...

Communists persecuting opponents wantonly

New Delhi: ABVP leader and Delhi University Students' Union (DUSU) joint secretary Chhattrapal Yadav has been shot at in Delhi. He has had a narrow...

What intolerance?

Last year, Aamir Khan kicked up a storm by giving a statement that he is concerned about growing “intolerance” in India (that his wife,...

Allergic To Alternatives

According to John Locke, three rules guide the human life — the divine law, the civil law and the law of opinion. In the...

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