Friday 22 October 2021
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Congress Chief, Change Your Team, Stop Negativity

The coterie of Congress president Rahul Gandhi has guided him in the wrong direction for the past five years, and it continues to do so ― to the utter misfortune of Indian democracy that is deprived of a serious, viable opposition

Akshay Kumar realises a Modi interview can’t be apolitical

Both positive and negative reactions to the Narendra Modi interview with Akshay Kumar suggest this could never have been an apolitical exercise

This is why Narendra Modi did not work for Hindus or Muslims

When the Sachar Committee reached Gujarat, the retired judge asked Narendra Modi what he had done for Muslims. The then CM of the State said, 'Nothing!' 'I did not do anything for Hindus either,' Modi added.

What No Journalist Asks Sonia Gandhi

Quite a few years after Sonia Gandhi was seen and heard talking to a journalist of her...