Saturday 22 January 2022
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Tag: ideology

CAA Lesson: Better PR Needed For Ideological Legislations

The opposition has multiple agencies to further its agenda — rioters, instigators and gleeful reporters — the aftermath of CAA has shown

UCC Now, Rajnath Hints: Here’s How Modi Can Do It

Modi can argue in a manner to make UCC look secular and pro-Hindu at the same time, making a Muslim or Christian counterargument impossible

BJP Cannot Afford Ideological Confusion

Being everything to everybody is Congress, which now faces doom. Socialism, secularism and 'sabka vishwas' are pushing BJP down the same path.

Needed, Distinct Ideologies Of Parties

The allegation of BJP’s “horse-trading” by the chorus of Rahul Gandhi, Siddaramaiah, HD Kumaraswamy and other opposition...

‘Youth Icon’ Doesn’t Sound Youthful

If Rahul Gandhi wishes to be a successful leader and campaigner someday, he needs to stop being...