Thursday 20 January 2022
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Marks That Wouldn’t Make Your Life Not Worth Ending It For

It is the darkest fears that shape our personality and parents, teachers, as well as examination boards, need to wake up to the reality that marks are overrated to a dangerous extent in the way we make a song and dance of them

100% marks in CBSE, ICSE exams ridiculous

It is these authorities switched to an application-oriented system that would judge students on the basis of what their brains would contribute to the humankind

ISC, ICSE results announced: Devang, Vibha secure 100% marks

In the 10th ICSE exam, the percentage of girls who passed is 99.05% whereas 98.12% of boys have made it; in the 12th ISC exam, 97.84% of the girls and 95.40% of the boys have passed

Exam Result Reporting Prejudiced, Unjust

The clichéd headline “girls outshine boys”, which the uses after the CBSE Class X and Class...