Friday 30 October 2020
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Encephalitis deaths were preventable: Heads must roll

The Bihar administration failed in both prevention and cure of acute encephalitis syndrome that claimed the lives of more than 100 children

Welcome The PadMan

Sensitising menstruating women and their kin to the necessity of sanitary napkins is much needed in the poorly resourced, uninformed sections of society; the...

सफ़ाई को मिला क्रिकेट का साथ

गांधी के यौम-ए-पैदाइश को वज़ीर-ए-आज़म ने स्वच्छता दीवस के तौर पर मनाने का फ़ैसला कर अवाम को सफ़ाई की तरफ़ मुतवज्जा किया। पहले गांधी...

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