Monday 24 January 2022
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Tag: Holi

Imran Khan’s ‘Holi mubarak’ meets Ashoke Pandit’s ‘stop playing Holi with blood’

In this post: 1. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's congratulatory message to Hindus on the occasion of...

Gokashth to replace wood for eco-friendly Holika fire

Starting from Wednesday evening, more than 1,500 places in the city will observe the Holika Dahan, which will last till late in the night

सर्फ एक्सेल विवाद ― विज्ञापन जगत भी लिबरलों, वामपंथियों का गढ़

सतही तौर पर सर्फ एक्सेल का विज्ञापन मासूम सा लगता है; गहराई से सोचें तो यह हमारी संस्कृति पर एक टिप्पणी है

Holi hooliganism? Forensic exam rules out presence of semen in balloon

New Delhi: The college student, who had alleged that a semen-filled balloon was thrown at her in Amar...

Holi: An integral part of Bollywood films

Mumbai: Holi has played an important part of Bollywood. The festival of colours has not just given us...