Saturday 23 October 2021
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Tag: Hans Raj Hans

10 high-profile fights in Lok Sabha election today

Voting has started for 59 Lok Sabha seats in seven States. These include 14 of UP, 10 of Haryana, eight each of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, four of Jharkhand and all the seven seats in Delhi

Hans Raj Hans vs Udit Raj: Comparative credentials

Not only several instances of going against the party line but also negative feedback from North-West Delhi sealed the fate of Udit Raj while Hans Raj Hans is believed to appeal to the Punjabi crowd in the

Sunny Deol and 26 other big names that joined BJP this election season

From singers to actors, from players to Army veterans, from deserters to party hoppers, 26 celebrities other than Sunny Deol joined the BJP in 2019