Thursday 20 January 2022
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Chandrayaan-2 moving in right direction: ISRO

The 3,850 kg -2, a three-module spacecraft comprising orbiter, lander and rover, has been injected into the earth's orbit.

Scientists explain how Chandrayaan-2 will benefit citizens

'Congratulations to ISRO on a successful launch, which is the first important step in a series of complex steps that will culminate in the soft landing of the lander and rover on the Moon's surface,' said Dibyendu Nandi, professor at Kolkata's Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Chandrayaan 2 launch postponed due to technical snag

Launch of -2 onboard GSLVMkIII-M1— scheduled for 2.51 am— was stopped 56 minutes and 24 seconds before liftoff at 1.55 am.