Thursday 29 October 2020
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शादी के 9 साल बाद विवाहिता को पता चला वह पुरुष है

डॉक्टर दत्ता ने बताया कि महिला की बहन और दो मौसियों को भी यही बीमारी है। यह जींस पर निर्भर करता है, इसलिए एक पीढ़ी से दूसरी पीढ़ी में आ जाता है

15 issues on which Lok Sabha election will be fought

Different issues favour different parties and alliances, but the side that has an edge may be figured out from the total

Parents should not be gender-biased: Priyanka Chopra

New Delhi: Actor Priyanka Chopra on Saturday said to inculcate the feeling of equality in children, it is important for parents to not discriminate...

Sabarimala Discreet, Not Discriminatory

The ancient shrine of Sabarimala on the Western Ghats in the Pathanamthitta District of Kerala, famous for being one of the largest pilgrimage places...

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