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क्या दूरदर्शन ने चलाया फ़ेक न्यूज़? सबसे ज़्यादा देखा गया सीरियल तो ये है

दूरदर्शन ने यह बात टीवी रेटिंग्स देने वाली एजेंसी ग्लांस की एक रिपोर्ट के आधार पर दी थी। यह एजेंसी 100 से अधिक देशों में करीब सात हजार टीवी चैनल्स की रेटिंग देखती है

Paid or fake news: How election authorities deal with it

In order to keep a close eye on print, electronic and social media, a number of committees have been formed in coordination with the information and public relations department to keep a close watch on suspicious advertorials

Most people do not check whether it’s fake news before sharing: Study

‘This is a pioneering study that helps understand why individuals would share fake news on social media using a theoretical lens and information literacy factors’

Newsrooms to US President: We’re not ‘enemies of the people’

New York: The nation's newsrooms are pushing back against President Donald Trump with a coordinated series of newspaper editorials condemning his attacks on "fake news"...

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