Sunday 26 June 2022
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Tag: extortion

Accuser in Chinmayanand case arrested for extortion

A video other than the one showing a massage session had the accuser with three men inside a car planning to extort money from Chinmayanand

Video of dubious content surfaces to defame Chinmayanand

A second video has surfaced that shows the accuser as a member of an extortion racket that is discussing their shady business inside a car

Con woman arrested trying to blackmail Mahesh Sharma

Usha Thakur is accused of extortion, forgery and criminal conspiracy linked to a pre-election 'sting operation' by a gang of a con man who ran a dubious news channel

Samachar Plus CEO Umesh Kumar arrested in extortion case

Ghaziabad/Dehradun: The Editor-in-Chief and CEO of a news channel in Uttarakhand was arrested from his Ghaziabad residence on Sunday for allegedly putting pressure on...