Thursday 5 August 2021
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Tag: domestic violence

Honey Singh accused of wife battery, adultery

Yo Yo Honey Singh rose to fame with songs such as Dope Shope, Brown Rang and then with Bollywood songs such as Lungi Dance and Sunny Sunny

दिल्ली — महिला के साथ 3 दिनों तक मारपीट, मायके वालो के सामने दिया तीन तलाक़

दिल्ली पुलिस ने अलग-अलग धाराओं में गुलनाज के पति और परिवार वालों के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज कर ली है, लेकिन आरोपी फरार है

Rajasthan: Widow’s in-laws chop her nose and tongue for refusing to marry relative

The woman was widowed a year after she got married about six years back. Her sister-in-law had since been trying to allegedly get her married off to the relative
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