Thursday 22 April 2021
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Tag: Doklam

China setting up villages on borders with India and Bhutan, satellite imagery shows

Satellite imagery that emerged last month showed China has built a village called Pangda some two kilometres within territory claimed by Bhutan on Doklam plateau

Rahul Gandhi, A Nation’s Disgrace

The rivals of such a grotesque personality and the media in any self-respecting democracy would have panned him so bad years ago after his debut that he would be forced to retire

लद्दाख बनाम डोकलाम — लड़ाई होना, न होना शी के हाथ में

डोकलाम व लद्दाख दोनों के पीछे जनरल झाओ ज़ोंग्की का हाथ हो सकता है पर वापस हटना है या गुंडागर्दी करना ये निर्णय उनके स्तर पर नहीं लिया जा सकता
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