Friday 9 December 2022
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Tag: diesel

Petrol, diesel prices at a 9-month low

The government clarified a few days ago the Indian prices are linked not to the global crude price but to the global petrol and diesel prices

Euro VI: India to switch to world’s cleanest petrol, diesel on 1 April

Euro VI will reduce NOx in BS-VI compliant vehicles by 25% in petrol vehicles and 70% in their diesel counterparts, bringing pollution down

Petrol, diesel getting cheaper every day

Since the deregulation of prices of petrol and diesel, they change every day on the basis of fluctuating international crude oil price

Oil price fall due to coronavirus to benefit India

Since China admitted it was affected by the pandemic, the price of crude oil has fallen by 20%, reaching a level of $ 55 per barrel, a drop of $ 13

Budget 2020-21: What will be cheaper, dearer this year

Footwear, furniture, cigarettes, gold, PVC, camera, chemicals, clothing… Know what's getting to cost more or less due to Budget 2020-21

Petrol price may reach Rs 90/litre due to US-Iran conflict

Petrol prices start at Rs 75 per litre in India; if the US-Iran conflict raises crude oil price to $ 75, Delhi will pay Rs 90 for a litre of petrol; other places will pay higher amounts

Maruti Suzuki S Cross to be phased out

From April 2020, only BS-6 engine vehicles will be registered in the Indian market and registration of cars with old engines will stop

Petrol, diesel prices cut for 3rd day in row

To know the prices of petrol and diesel in your city, follow the instructions in this post; also know why the prices fluctuate so often