Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Tag: Deepika Padukone

Tanhaji… tax-free in Haryana; Fadnavis, Thorat move Maha’

A government led by Shiv Sena, named after Shivaji, had to be reminded it should support a film about a brave lieutenant of the chhatrapati

Brands turn wary of political Deepika as brand ambassador

After Deepika's guest appearance in JNU propelled many to boycott her film, advertisers are reluctant to show her as the face of their brands

Tanhaji… earns 4 times Chhapaak; #DeepikaPRBackfires top trend

Trade pundits say Deepika Padukone grossly miscalculated the returns from taking a political stand while nationalists campaigned for Tanhaji…

Chhapaak can’t be shown without credit to lawyer Aparna Bhat

The judge told the producers of Chhapaak if crediting the lawyer was a problem, they should not have sought info on Laxmi Agarwal from her

Ajay Devgn on JNU fracas: Wait for facts, maintain bonhomie

Ajay Devgn had said about the JNU controversy earlier, 'Hum aag men ghee daalne ka kaam nahin karenge (I wouldn't add fuel to fire).'

Lawyer of Laxmi moves court to stay release of Chhapaak

Lawyer Aparna Bhat says she has been a lawyer of the acid victim for years but the credits of the film Chhapaak do not include her name

Chhapaak on Twitter: Why change villain’s name from Nadeem to Rajesh?

Laxmi Agarwal, on whom Nadeem Khan threw acid on 22 April 2005, is the inspiration of Meghna 's film Chhapaak featuring Deepika Padukone