Monday 24 January 2022
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Tag: Dadri

Activism: A Decade Lost To Misadventure

But if a phase of complete indifference among the youth gave way to one of undue indulgence in politics, unfounded activism shall pass too

Sadhvi Prachi: Nehru ‘biggest rapist’ & 10 previous affronts

Other than the Nehru dynasty, the favourite targets of Sadhvi Prachi are Indian Muslims in general and the Khans of Bollywood in particular

Dhavan: It’s always Hindus who disturb communal harmony

Advocate for the Muslim side in the Ayodhya case Rajeev Dhavan today branded Hindus as aggressors in an interview with a news channel

Communicate, Please

Communication was what brought Narendra Modi from Gandhinagar to Lutyens’ Delhi. Communication is what is pulling Narendra...

Desperate To Dislodge Modi

Under the Narendra Modi Government, people are feeling ‘threatened’. They cannot express their opinions freely, they say....

Blabbering Janata Party

Self-styled intellectual from the fold, Tarun Vijay has landed in a soup following a ridiculously argued...

Dadri Post-Mortem

The latent fissures between communities explode and lead to loss of life when the attendant institutions meant...