Tuesday 19 October 2021
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जैसलमेर में मुसलमानों ने खोले कई फ़र्ज़ी गौशाले

जैसलमेर में गौ माता के नाम पर कुछ लोगों ने बड़ा फर्जीवाड़ा किया है। मामला सामने आने के बाद पता कि कुछ गौशाला चलाने के नाम कोरोड़ो रुपये का अनुदान ले रहे हैं

Cows die of suffocation due to panchayat apathy in Chhattisgarh

45 cows died due to suffocation in Tehsil Takhatpur in Chhattisgarh after some gram panchayat members kept...

IIT to monitor man-animal conflict following ‘cow in class’ video

The has constituted a committee to look into the 'human versus animal' conflict issue on campus, an IIT spokesperson said.

15 issues on which Lok Sabha election will be fought

Different issues favour different parties and alliances, but the side that has an edge may be figured out from the total