Wednesday 27 January 2021
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Tag: cheating

Chit funds: Will amended law make investments safer?

Chit funds have a dark history in India, the only country where this financial practice exists, but the law has always been a late riser

Melania Trump ignores cheating rumours about husband Donald Trump

Washington: Melania Trump says she loves President Donald Trump and has "much more important things to think...

Australia PM calls for end to cricket sledging

Sydney: Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has appealed an end to sledging in cricket, saying it was "right...

बिहार शिक्षातंत्र की दयनीय स्थिति

आज अंततः मुझे वह video देखने को मिला जिसमें एक लगभग 6 वर्षीय बच्चे ने बिहार की...