Sunday 4 December 2022
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Tag: capital punishment

Supreme Court rejects review plea of Nirbhaya convict Akshay

Arguing against the appeal, S-G Tushar Mehta had said God was ashamed after creating a monster like Akshay, a Nirbhaya case convict

CJI recuses himself from hearing plea of Nirbhaya case convict

Setting a high example of probity and staying clear of even a modicum of conflict of interest, the CJI said that a lawyer relative of his had represented Nirbhaya's mother in a court, which was why he was recusing himself from hearing this case

Nirbhaya case convicts: Why 2 will take longer to die

Further, a source in the jail said while four rapists and killers of Nirbhaya are supposed to hang on one day, they have ordered 10 ropes

Executioner found to hang Nirbhaya case convicts

Chaudhary Charan Singh Prison Meerut Jail superintendent says the executioner has received the letter from the headquarters

Hanging Nirbhaya case convicts: The procedure

What happens on the day designated for execution by hanging at Tihar: From waking the convict up at 5 AM to issuing of the death certificate

Nirbhaya convicts’ last days to be monitored by CCTV cameras

The suicide of Ram Singh, the prime accused in the Nirbhaya case, in Tihar Jail days after his arrest was an embarrassment for the prison authority

Nirbhaya to get justice the day she was tormented?

Sources say the Tihar authority has sent its officers to different jails in the country to look for an executioner even as they await the president's response to a second convict's mercy plea

India Not Ready For End To Death Penalty

India hardly has an efficient apparatus of governance, but if this is what we have, we must live with the death of a killer by a court order

Vinay Sharma, Nirbhaya case convict, wants mercy plea back

This could be Vinay Sharma's delaying tactic, believe legal experts, as the reason he has cited for the withdrawal of the plea is implausible

Nirbhaya rapists-killers have 7 days to apply for clemency

The parents of the victim had recently appealed to the court for the execution of the four rapists-murderers Mukesh, Pawan, Vinay and Akshay; the fifth Ram Singh had committed suicide; the sixth, whose name is Afroz as per unconfirmed reports, escaped harsher punishment by flaunting an unreliable document