Friday 28 January 2022
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Tag: Cabinet

मोदी ने बताई मंत्रियों को हटाने की वजह, नए मंत्रियों को दी सलाह

मोदी ने कैबिनेट की बैठक के दौरान साफ किया कि पुराने मंत्रियों को हटाने के पीछे उनकी क्षमता का कोई संबंध नहीं है। बल्कि ऐसा व्यवस्था के चलते किया गया है

Yediyurappa to consult Modi, Shah for Cabinet expansion

Yediyurappa, during the meeting with the prime minister and central ministers will seek central aid for the flood ravaged state, where relief and rehabilitation work is under progress

Amarinder: Can’t help if Sidhu does not want to do his job

"If Sidhu doesn't want to do the job, there is nothing I can do about it," said Amarinder, questioning how a soldier can refuse a job.

DNA profiling bill likely to come up before Cabinet today

Under the bill, written consent by individuals is required to collect DNA samples from them. Consent is not required for offences with the punishment of more than seven years of imprisonment or death

Nitish Kumar’s ‘revenge’: No BJP minister in Cabinet expansion

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had communicated to the BJP, if they wanted, they could propose one name from the party for one seat of their quota in the NDA

General category candidates get 10% reservation in education, employment from Union Cabinet

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet has approved 10% reservation in jobs and educational institutions for the economically...

फाँसी के डर से दुष्कर्म समाप्त हो जायेंगे क्या?

प्रोटेक्शन ऑफ चिल्ड्रेन फ़्रॉम सेक्शुअल ऑफ़ेन्सेस एक्ट (पॉस्को) क़ानून में 12 साल से कम आयु की बच्चियों...

NFRA: Modi Assumes Babus Honest, Citizens Fraud

A few days ago, the Cabinet approved the National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA). As reported in the...