Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Tag: budget

NRIs to pay tax only on income from India

Don't misinterpret the provision to check NRIs who move to low or tax-free jurisdiction to avoid tax payment in India, the finance ministry says

Budget 2020-21: What will be cheaper, dearer this year

Footwear, furniture, cigarettes, gold, PVC, CCTV camera, chemicals, clothing… Know what's getting to cost more or less due to Budget 2020-21

New Income Tax Regime Good For Real Middle Class

Earning less than Rs 15 lakh, you save Rs 78,000 on switching to the new regime and Rs 14,820 if entitled to Section 80C deduction alone

Union Budget 2020-21 Live

Broad points of the budget proposals Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented in the parliament on 1 February 2020

Economic Survey: Meeting Modi deadline for $ 5 T impossible

Since the government expressed this desire in a previous Economic Survey, India should have grown at 8% to attain the volume by 2024