Saturday 28 November 2020
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Delhi Riots 2020 ― The Untold Story: विलियम डेलरिंपल का वीज़ा रद्द करने की मांग

ब्लूम्सबरी ने इसके प्रकाशन को रोकने की घोषणा की, तो उसके इस फैसले को लेकर सोशल मीडिया पर पक्ष और विपक्ष में बातें शुरू हो गईं

Kerala court issues arrest warrant against Shashi Tharoor

The court had summoned the Congress MP on 1 November but his office claims the notice did not mention the date of his appearance

KS Bhagawan’s book Rama Mandira Yeke Beda infuriates Hindus

Bengaluru: Hindu organisations on Friday staged a demonstration against academician and author KS Bhagawan, accusing him of depicting Lord Ram in poor light in his book...

Anupam Kher ‘will not back off from Accidental Prime Minister, my life’s best work’

Mumbai/New Delhi: Calling The Accidental Prime Minister his "life's best performance", actor Anupam Kher on Friday said he will not back off from the snowballing controversy over...

Why APJ Abdul Kalam pulled out of presidential race in 2012: No support from Congress/UPA

New Delhi: APJ Abdul Kalam could have returned as the president in 2012 with the backing of the BJP and the Trinamool Congress but...

Love is that rare language that cannot be translated: Gulzar

New Delhi: Noted poet Gulzar says he has searched for the perfect words to capture what love can mean but if he succeeds, perhaps...

Red Chillies and Netflix working on ‘Bard of Blood’ series

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment and streaming service Netflix are working on original series, based on the book, "Bard of Blood". Penned by...

राष्ट्रपति प्रणव मुखर्जी पिता की तरह रखते हैं मेरा ख़याल — मोदी

नई दिल्ली — प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी ने राष्ट्रपति प्रणव मुखर्जी की उन्मुक्त कंठ से प्रशंसा करते हुए उनको पिता समान बताया। प्रधानमंत्री ने कहा...

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