Wednesday 2 December 2020
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E-cigarettes banned; railway workers to get 78-day bonus

Scientists could establish neither benefits nor health risks posed by e-cigarettes; there are at best claims and counter-claims by activists

आरबीआई ने रोकी चंदा कोचर की बोनस

नई दिल्ली — बैंकिंग नियामक आरबीआई (रिजर्व बैंक अॉफ इंडिया) ने शीर्ष निजी बैंकों के प्रमुखों के सालाना बोनस को रोक रखा है। उसने उधारदाताओं...

Cabinet approves bonus for railway employees

The Cabinet has approved the payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) for railway men, equivalent to 78 days wages. The meeting which was chaired by the...

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