Friday 27 November 2020
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Alakh Pandey: Prayagraj guy whose physics tutorials take world by storm

With a modest familial background, the tutoring genius from Prayagraj found coaching centres so expensive that he thought of making it affordable to others, refusing offers from tutorial businesses when they were impressed by his teaching techniques online

Crop genetically modified to conserve water, resist drought

West Gregory, Illinois: Agriculture already monopolizes 90% of global freshwater — yet production still needs to dramatically increase to feed and fuel this century's...

Welcome The PadMan

Sensitising menstruating women and their kin to the necessity of sanitary napkins is much needed in the poorly resourced, uninformed sections of society; the...

MIT engineers create programming language for novel biological circuits

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Biological engineers at MIT have created a programming language that allows them to rapidly design complex, DNA-encoded circuits that give...

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