Monday 25 October 2021
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Tag: Baghpat

Talaq law violated in different parts of UP, Bihar

Niyaz's wife Parmeen alleged that on Saturday, she was thrashed by her in-laws following which her husband pronounced talaq thrice on her.

Dhaba workers assault 2 jawans in Baghpat district

The two Army s were eating at the dhaba where they got into an argument with a waiter that led to fisticuffs between them

सपा-बसपा के साथ गठबंधन के कारण पश्चिमी यूपी में रालोद पुनर्जीवित

कैराना में सपा-बसपा समर्थित रालोद की जीत ने भाजपा के खिलाफ एक महागठबंधन बनाने के प्रयासों को बढ़ावा दिया  

PM Modi slams Cong for spreading lies and rumours on Dalit, farmer issues

Baghpat (UP): Addressing a public rally after inaugurating the Eastern Periphery Expressway, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today...