Thursday 3 December 2020
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Who is Vijay Mallya taunting with ‘airline karma’ comment?

The former Kingfisher Airlines boss took a swipe at the media as well, claiming every offer he made to pay PSU banks back resulted in reports that claim he was spooked

Vijay Mallya to be extradited to India: Electoral plank for Modi sarkar

Chronology of the case against Vijay Mallya and explanation of the significance of his extradition in the electoral politics of India

NPA Resolution Without Burdening Taxpayers

The news of Tata Steel acquiring Bhushan Steel has come as a relief to the miserable banking sector of the country, reeling as it...

Law-Crazy Governance Affecting Economy

There is a saying in India that “taking a loan of Rs 500,000 is more difficult than taking one of Rs 500 crore”. We...

Bad loans: Over three dozen CAs under RBI lens

New Delhi: The Reserve Bank of India is grappling with high bad loans menace in the Indian banking system which is even comparable to...

Bank Scam: UPA Guilty, NDA Clueless

The latest PNB scandal is just an example out of innumerable cases of default that led to India’s NPA crisis, which is mainly a...

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