Wednesday 2 December 2020
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Nitish Kumar to be sworn-in as Bihar CM tomorrow

Even as the NDA legislature party decided to retain the chief minister, his deputy, Sushil Kumar Modi, may have to give way to a Dalit leader

Rama Alone Is Hindu Hriday Samrat

There has been only one maryādā purushottama and dharma parāyana leader of the people of this land, Sri Rama, who alone can hold this title

अयोध्या में 500 वर्ष उपरांत ‘राम राज’ जैसी दिवाली, जलेंगे 5.51 लाख दीप

योगी सरकार का चौथा दीपोत्सव कार्यक्रम है, लेकिन इस बार का समारोह कुछ अलग ही होने वाला है, इस बार अयोध्या में भव्य राममंदिर निर्माण का काम भी शुरू हो चुका है

BJP & AAP: Differences Other Than Scale?

One is big, the other small. On morality, they are both questionable. Ideology is a differentiator, but the party ruling at the centre has work to do on that front too.

Babri demolition: Advani, Joshi, 30 others acquitted

The court will pronounce verdict in the Babri mosque demolition case, nearly 3 decades after the 16th century structure was demolished in Ayodhya on 6 December, 1992

अयोध्या में बनने जा रहे एयरपोर्ट का नाम ‘मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम श्रीराम’ होगा

आधिकारिक सूत्रों ने 9 सितंबर को बताया कि राम मंदिर बनने के बाद अयोध्या में राष्ट्रीय व अंतरराष्ट्रीय श्रद्धालुओं और पर्यटकों की संख्या में भारी वृद्धि होगी

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