Wednesday 23 June 2021
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Tag: Ayodhya

BJP In Modi 2.0 Upsets The Apple Cart

It looks increasingly like the BJP is settling in for decades to come, and the opposition must play backstage, instigating agitationists

Mob vandalised Ram Mandir, Kedarnath R-Day tableaux

The NCPR has asked the Delhi Police to take actions against perpetrators of yesterday's violence because due to the tractor rally violence many children got stuck in the Red Fort

Owaisi: Donating for construction, praying at Ayodhya masjid ‘harām’

Secretary of the Ayodhya Mosque Trust, Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation Athar Hussain said the comment of Asaduddin Owaisi was a part of his political agenda

Ayodhya Ram temple tableau evokes reverence in R-Day parade

Cultural heritage of ancient holy town Ayodhya, replica of a Ram temple, glimpse of Deepotsav and various stories from Ramayana epic were depicted in the tableau of UP in the R-Day parade
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