Monday 30 November 2020
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ISRO Too Competent To Need Society’s Immature Reaction

Three days have passed since Lander Vikram strayed from the planned trajectory; the nation is still trying to motivate ISRO scientists as if they were in a state of despondency, notwithstanding their 95% success in meeting the Chandrayaan-2 mission objectives

Second planet of young star in Milky Way discovered

The newly discovered planet, b Pictoris c, completes its orbit roughly every 1,200 days. Like its big sister b Pictoris b, which was discovered by Lagrange and her team in 2009, it is a gassy giant

Chandrayaan-2 explained: Countdown begins Sunday

GSLV Mark-III will carry the 3.8-tonne Chandrayaan-2, projecting it into an orbit of 170 km perigee and 40,400 km apogee in its 16-minute flight

Moon was not formed the way your school books said it did

Davis, California: A new explanation for the Moon's origin has it forming inside the Earth when our planet was a seething, spinning cloud of...

100 new exoplanets found; looking for ‘2nd earth’

Lyngby, Denmark: "We started out analyzing 275 candidates of which 149 were validated as real exoplanets. In turn 95 of these planets have proved...

Saturn’s moon Titan sports Earth-like features

Ithaca, New York: Using the now-complete Cassini data set, Cornell astronomers have created a new global topographic map of Saturn's moon Titan that has...

A planet hotter than most stars

Washington, DC: With a day-side temperature of 4,600 Kelvin (more than 4326.85° Celsius), planet KELT-9b is hotter than most stars, and only 1,200 Kelvin...

Primitive atmosphere around ‘warm Neptune’

Exeter: A pioneering new study uncovering the 'primitive atmosphere' surrounding a distant world could provide a pivotal breakthrough in the search to how planets...

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