Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Abiy Ahmed: Rise of the man trying to remould Ethiopia

I have said often that winds of hope are blowing ever stronger across Africa. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is one of the main reasons why: UN Secretary-General

India not part of G7; how Modi still made it

Even though India is not a member of the G7 group, the French president has personally invited PM Modi as a special guest to the Summit

Guterres gets slice of Modi on sidelines of G7 Summit

Modi, after his visit to Bahrain, met Guterres on the sidelines of the G-7 Summit being held in this picturesque southwestern seaside French town

Simla agreement recalled, UN chief urges exercise of ‘maximum restraint’

Secretary-General recalls the 1972 Agreement on bilateral relations between India and Pakistan, also known as the Simla Agreement

‘Innovation that germinates in India can empower women’

India is a "crucible of innovation" and one often sees things and ideas being developed there that can really serve other parts of the world

Guterres: Increase in India’s tiger population ‘good sign’

With an SDGs, goal which encourages the preservation of biodiversity, always a good sign if endangered species are being protected, Guterres

Big investors demand action on climate change ahead of G20 summit

A report by researchers which tracks countries' progress towards limiting global warming showed that only five out of 32 nations have targets in line with a 2C limit