Saturday 4 December 2021
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Tag: Ajmal Kasab

कसाब की पहचान करने वाले पहले गवाह हरिश्चंद्र का निधन

कामा अस्पताल के निकट हरिश्चंद्र को दो गोली लगी थी, जब 10 आतंकवादियों ने इस हमले को अंजाम दिया था, उन्होंने कसाब के साथी इस्माइल को अपने ऑफिस के बैग से मारा था

Muslims oppressed in India, Kasab told to motivate him for terror strike

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab was stunned to see Muslims praying before the Metro Cinema of Mumbai, which LeT had told him was banned in India

India Not Ready For End To Death Penalty

India hardly has an efficient apparatus of governance, but if this is what we have, we must live with the death of a killer by a court order

Former bureaucrat: Mumbai attack was ‘fixed’ between Pakistan, UPA govt

Author of Hindu Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs and former under secretary RVS Mani explained how it was mutually planned