Wednesday 20 October 2021
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Tag: AES

Bihar mangoes mired in political controversy

Bihar has been struggling with an AES outbreak since the beginning of June, more than 150 children have died of the disease so far

Bihar govt admits before SC its state of healthcare is pathetic

The Bihar government, in an affidavit, said only 5,634 nurses were there in its hospitals and health centres against the sanctioned 19,155

Bihar opposition demands resignation of Health Minister

leader Lalit Yadav demanded resignation of Health Minister of Bihar holding him responsible for children deaths in the state due to AES

Monitoring mechanism for schemes to combat malnutrition

For further strengthening the performance of Anganwadi services, the government has introduced monitoring and review mechanism at different levels at the national, state, district, block and Anganwadi level

Bihar AES death toll reaches 167; administration helpless

Muzaffarpur is the most affected district of Bihar with the viral/bacterial disease claiming the lives of as many as 129 children in the town

AES in Bihar an epidemic? Experts agree; govt, media don’t

The advantage of declaring an outbreak to have acquired the proportions of an epidemic is the heightened and coordinated fight against the disease it entails

Human skeletal remains recovered from Muzaffarpur hospital where most children died of AES

On discovering the skeletal remains in the SKMCH premises, Medical Superintendent of the hospital SK Shahi said the HoD alone could give a statement on this  

Encephalitis deaths were preventable: Heads must roll

The Bihar administration failed in both prevention and cure of acute encephalitis syndrome that claimed the lives of more than 100 children