Saturday 21 May 2022
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Tablighi women turn pregnant while quarantined for 111 days

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Ranchi: Three foreign women affiliated to the Tablighi Jamaat, who had been under the supervision of the administration and police for 111 days in a quarantine centre and then in jail, have reported pregnancy. This, when no inmate of a quarantine centre or jail is allowed to meet anybody else!

One of the women conceived between the last week of April and the first week of May. Two others conceived a few days before that. And none is more than three-months pregnant!

Their secrets unravelled on 21 July when 17 Tablighi foreigners including three women and their husbands emerged from jail, having secured bails from the high court. The three women had informed doctors about their pregnancy during their medical check-up and also when they were moved from the quarantine centre in to the prison here. Later, ultrasound reports confirmed that they had conceived during the quarantine.

From 30 March to 20 July, they spent 111 days in police custody and prison. All the 17 foreign nationals had been detained in on 30 March. They were accused of violating lockdown as well as visa rules.

The Tablighi women were lodged at the quarantine centre at Khelgaon. One of them was found infected while she was undergoing treatment at RIMS; she was kept at the centre in Khelgaon too. Thereafter, she was taken into judicial custody at Khelgaon on 18 April.

Four months later, on 20 May, four foreign women were moved to the Birsa Munda Central Kara Hotwar. In their mandatory medical examination at the of jailing, they were found to be pregnant.

Each of the three women declared they were one-month pregnant, much as they had been inside the quarantine centre for the previous 50 days. The jail authority, therefore, gave them special facilities in accordance with their health condition. The women’s ultrasound reports confirmed the pregnancies.

Five foreign women, their husbands and other men had arrived in from Delhi by Rajdhani Express on 17 March. Men and women stayed in the houses of eminent people of the locality in the mosque of Hindpiri, from where police detained them on 30 March. These Tablighi women had all come to Ranchi from Nizamuddin Markaz.

The Tablighi pregnancy timeline

30 March: Police detained the Tablighi women and lodged them at the Khelgaon quarantine centre.

18 April: Hereon, all Tablighi detainees were kept in judicial custody in Khelgaon.

20 May: After about 50 days, everyone is taken to jail from the quarantine centre in Khelgaon. Two Tablighi women verbally communicated they were each one-month pregnant.

21 July: All are released on bail.

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