Friday 24 September 2021
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Tablighi Jamaat spreads coronavirus across India

And it was not a conference of 1,500 people alone; 2,100 associated with the Tablighi Jamaat visited India this year, of which 824 spread out to different states

About 1,500 Muslims from Tamil Nadu, who attended a Tablighi Jamaat conference in Nizamuddin, Delhi, are now suspected carriers of the dreaded novel coronavirus according to the health authorities of Tamil Nadu. They say these 1,500 people — although only a small group out of these people came back to Tamil Nadu — could have spread the infection to others they have come in touch with. In fact, of the 17 suspects that they tested, 16 indeed turned out to be patients of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). But the issue is not confined to Tamil Nadu alone.

One Tablighi man comes from Indonesia, spreads disease, dies

According to sources, one man associated with the Tablighi Jamaat who spread the everywhere around, knowingly or unwittingly, was Mohammed Ashraf Anim who flew in from Indonesia to Delhi in early March. In the capital, he had organised a gathering of 800 odd people associated with the jamaat at Nizamuddin. In recognition of his work, the Tablighi Jamaat made him their head for the Jammu sector.

Ashraf Anim organised similar gatherings in Srinagar, Samba, Bathinda and some other places in the union territory.

Ashraf Anim (65) died on 24 March. He was a resident of Shah Anwar Colony of Hyderpora in Srinagar.

associated with Tablighi Jamaat aggravate situation

In a development that could bring in infections of catastrophic proportions, about 2,100 foreign nationals had visited the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters this year. Out of them, 824 then spread out to different states.

An officer from the security establishment told Sirf News that the state-wise break-up of these Muslim versions of evangelists is as follows:

Andhra Pradesh: 62
Rajasthan: 71
Bihar: 91,
Uttar Pradesh: 120
Haryana: 70
Madhya Pradesh: 25
Maharastra: 100
Jharkhand: 3
Tamil Nadu: 83
Telangana: 39
Kerela: 7
Karnataka: 42
West Bengal: 26
Odisha: 3

Tamil Nadu, other states on a lookout for COVID ‘bombs’

As for the assembly in Nizamuddin of Delhi, of those who returned to Tamil Nadu, -to-confirmed cases is alarmingly high. Out of the 16 of 17 who have tested positive, 14 hail from one district: Erode. The health authorities now understand why there has been a spurt in the number of COVID cases in Erode.

From the lot from Tamil Nadu, eight people who had tested positive yesterday (29 March), four are from Erode. They are aged 47-50 years. They are now admitted in the IRT Medical College and Hospital of Perundurai.

What makes the cases even more worrisome is the fact that the Tamil Nadu health department does not have the list of all the 1,500 people who attended the Tablighi Jamaat (translated: Assembly for to Islam). As of now, the authorities have a list of 819 names. They will be tested and segregated depending on the result but the fate of people they contacted during and since their return from Delhi will remain unknown.

Muslims from Tiruchi, Perambalur, Ariyalur, Erode, Pudukottai and Nagapattinam of Tamil Nadu were among those who attended the and probably contracted COVID.

The police forces of different states are now trying to locate the remaining 681 people from the gathering of 1,500.

While the state governments have appealed to the Tablighi Jamaat to disclose the whereabouts of all its members who attended the different conferences this year, the community has not cooperated so far, risking their own lives as well as of those they have come in touch with.

“We have to monitor everyone in the group now, given the current situation and appeal to everyone who attended the conference to volunteer information. We want to prevent an explosion of cases,” an official told The .

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  1. In India, thousands of people are having found with China Corona virus positive and around fifty people have died so far. There is total lockdown in the country. The center Government is doing a very good job to control the spread of the epidemic and minimize the deaths. But Muslims are not cooperating with the government and the authorities. They are still carrying their religious and communal activities and gatherings in the mosques, madarsas and dargahs in thousands. Just yesterday, in the national capital Delhi itself, thousands of the Muslims were found by the police. This is a very disturbing and dangerous situation. Muslims were found involved in such abnormal activities in mosques in Meerut, Ranchi, Patna, Teleangana etc places. Authorities are also not taking tough stand against such elements. So far, hardly any mosque or madrasas have been sealed. Muslims are not following the lockdown and curfew. In the Muslim dominated areas people can be seen loitering out without any reason. There is total lawlessness in those areas. They are also hoarding the essential food and other items and this tendency has created artificial shortage of essential food and commodities. At the Srinagar airport, Muslim students returning from the foreign countries, created big security and episode scare at the airport and they refused to undergo for the medical tests. Muslims are not contributing any thing neither to the public nor to the government. They always feel about the radical Islamiic politics.

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