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Tablighi Jamaat inmates demand buffalo biryani at Agra quarantine centre

Warning that they will force their way out of the centre, Tablighi Jamaat members have refused to accept food that is served to other patients

Even as every day, more and more Tablighi Jamaat people join their fellow Islamic preachers at the Agra centre in Uttar Pradesh, the list of their weird demands lengthens too. These 89 patients and suspected carriers of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID) at the Madhu Resort in Sikandra space, Agra, have now demanded they be served beef-biryani.

Patients from the Tablighi Jamaat at the quarantine centre have refused to accept food that is served to other patients. They have warned if they are not served buffalo biryani, they will force their way out of quarantine before 14 days are over.

Doctors say, by starving, these patients will only end of prolonging their illness.

The doctors finally had to call the police to intervene. The Tablighis told the police, “What kind of food is this? There is no salt, no chilli in it. We will not eat such bland food. Bring us buffalo biryani. We will not take any medicine either nor will we take any injection. We are completely healthy. It is a conspiracy to lock us up here.”

The police could not end their non-cooperation.

On the condition of anonymity, the doctors said that no Tablighi was following social distancing. “There are separate beds for everyone. They are gathering at one place and performing namāz,” a doctor said.

Doctors said that every Tablighi cold offer namāz by staying close to his bed. “Or you can keep enough distance from one another to do this. But they are not ready to accept this rule,” another doctor said.

The doctors treating the Tablighi group are perhaps more upset by the attitude of these patients at the quarantine centre in Agra than how much the rest of the country is angered by their bioterrorism.

The China-origin virus has been spreading faster across the country in the last three days, thanks to the stupid or deliberate assembly of thousands of members of the Tablighi Jamaat — both Indian and foreign — at the Nizamuddin Markaz of Delhi, who spread out across the country after the meeting. The number of patients is increasing 10 times every passing day.

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